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Upcoming Light Sport Aircraft Events


The Ocean City Air Festival will take place on Saturday, September 24. The event will start at 10:00 AM and end at 3:30 PM, on the Ocean City Municipal Airport, New Jersey.

The event will feature display of beautiful antique airplanes from World War II, ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, homebuilds, warbirds and other aircraft and vehicles.

Families can assist their children in fun paper airplane contests. Find more info here.



On Corning Airport there will be a workshop conducted by Rainbow Aviation Services,  where people can learn to perform the maintenance, the annual condition inspection and the 100 hour inspection and charge for their services.

The workshop will start on Sunday, 25 September and end Monday, 10 October, covering 120 hours of activity. The people who are interested to provide repair and maintenance services or just learn how to do it for their own LSA are invited to join a team of passionate tinkerers. More info is available here.



This year we’ll celebrate the Experimental Aircraft Association 216 Chapter, Fall Festival. Once again we will witness spectacular made aircraft on display. Also, the participants will enjoy a full day of activities including learning building and maintenance skills, learning how to fly a small airplane and sport or experimental aircraft.

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EAA Fall Festival Flyer

Participants are invited to bring “desserts and goodies to share”, enjoy nice music and  delicious food. The event will take place on Saturday, October 1st, from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM, on the Cross Keys Airport in New Jersey. For more details visit the official EAA-216 website.



This will be the 54th Annual Fly-In event that will cover the days of 7 and 8 October 2016, from 1 PM to 8PM. The event will feature antique airplanes proudly displayed on the Gainesville Municipal Airport, Texas. There will be competitions, flying activities and educational seminars for children. People are invited to connect with others and make friends.

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All aircraft are welcome to participate in the Fly-In, along with the antiques and homebuilds. Rewarding prizes await for the winners. Find more info here.



The SERFI 2016 event will the the 26th this year. For over a quarter of century this event has been gathering sports aircraft enthusiasts together creating beautiful friendships. It’s hard not to make connections with people when they share the same passion for flying and enjoying great food and drinks.

The event will take place between 21 and 23 October, from 7 AM to noon, on  Middleton Field, Evergreen, Alabama.

For more information check the official SERFI website.