The World’s Best and Worst Airlines

Traveling requires you to usually accept that your comfort and peace of mind will depend on someone else’ organization and planning, especially when traveling by plane. Some airlines resolve situations in mere minutes while others will make your journey a living hell, that you will not wish to board a plane for another year or two.

Here are the world’s best and worst airlines.

The Best Airlines

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways just keep winning awards left and right. Their flotilla of planes is large and they offer many great deals, for both the business class and the economy class. In the economy class, you will never feel left out, with quite generous meals and a bathroom suitable for any hygiene-obsessed individuals.

The business class has everything you want and more, like special seats which allow private business meetings to take place aboard a plane.


Lufthansa is a German airline, and if you know anything about Germans, it is that they are on time and very precise. Lufthansa is not an exception, in that regard. Their flights are pleasant, short or long, with all the necessary food and comfort, including the politeness of the flight attendants.

They are also known for compensating passengers when a flight is delayed, especially in transfers, immediately arranging rooms in available hotels, meals included.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is one of the biggest carriers with flights to 32 countries on five different continents. They are known for their great economy class and business class, having no major flaws in either.

The Worst Airlines


Even though you might expect, by looking at their name, for the company to provide you with an amazing experience, you will be surprised to find out that it is exactly the opposite. They fail to deliver consistently satisfying performance in every aspect of flying. Their flights get delayed, though every airline has delays, yet their response times and the way they handle situations like these is terrible. They also have a reputation for losing people’s luggage, and afterwards dealing with it in a very unpleasant way. You will definitely be WOWed if you fly with them, though not in a good way.

Royal Jordanian Airlines

Even though their on-flight staff is okay and their planes take off and land on time, their ground staff isn’t regarded as a pleasant one. If you want to have your luggage processed quickly and in a stress-free environment, this isn’t the airline for you.

These are some of the world’s best and worst airlines, ranked in order according to AirHelp and their sixth annual study of various airlines, 72 in the 2018 study. Now you know which airlines to trust with your comfort and which to avoid completely.