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Santa Claus is Expect to Fly into Solberg Airport

November 26 is the day when Santa decided to visit the American people. He will be flying into Solberg Airport at 2.p.m. to greet all the children who came to meet him. This event will take place at 39 Thor Solberg Road.

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The organizers want to make this event available to as many families as possible, so they don’t charge an entrance fee. You are welcome to bring children of all ages to enjoy the spectacle. Not only will they be able to take photos with Santa Claus, but they will also enjoy seeing hot air balloons, pony rides and sand art among other child friendly activities.

One important thing to remember is to bring your own camera if you want to take photos of your children sitting next to Santa. Also, make sure you and your kids are dressed appropriately because the weather is expected to be quite cold.

At about 3 p.m., local hot air balloonists will launch their balloons into the air. The moment is truly spectacular especially if you have never watched such a launch before. Seeing all those colored hot air balloons floating up above your head makes you feel like everything is possible. Your kids will love it too because most balloons are colored and feature different characters like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse.

The pony rides are offered by a not-for-profit organization named Horses 4 Hope. The crew of this equestrian center devote a great deal of their time to rescuing horses and assisting children and adults with special needs. Their purpose is to help these people reach their full potential through interaction with horses. Horses are sometimes seen as dangerous but they are in fact very friendly creatures.

Children will also enjoy having their face painted and they will have the chance to interact with animals because 4-H Fair will bring a petting zoo. As for adults, your excitement will be pumped up by the NorthSTAR and Atlantic Air medevac helicopters of the New Jersey State Police.

The guests will enjoy a short and fun flying lesson. Lorraine Solberg, the one who leads the Solberg Airport flight school says that “flying is easier and more affordable than you think” and that an introductory flight lesson would be an awesome and unique gift for people of all ages to enjoy.

All this sounds quite fun doesn’t it? You are expected at the Solberg Airport on November 26th, to spend some quality time with your family. Let’s just hope the weather will be good.