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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 Summary and what’s to come in 2017

The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is an annual air show event held each summer in Oshkosh at the Wittman Regional Airport in Wisconsin, United States. It first started in 1953 by Paul Poberezny, it developed quickly over time, and since 1970 because of the enormous amount of people and aircraft that join, the event is held in Oshkosh. The attendants come from everywhere in the world, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and other at least 80 nations.

The AirVenture event by EAA lasts one week, and in 2015 it attracted over 500 000 attendees and approximately 563 000 in 2016.

The total amount of aircraft that took part in the event was larger than 10 000. The showplanes were a total of 2855 from which 135 were ultralights and light-sport aircraft, 41 aerobic aircraft, a majority of 1100 were homebuilt and other 1000 were vintage airplanes. Those are some impressive numbers that show the passion and dedication of the pilots to maintain and display their aircraft.


So many pilots won prizes for their masterpieces. On the Homebuilt category for example, the Replica Workmanship prize went to Jim Winders for his Titan Mustang T-51, and the Best Aerobatic prize went to pilot Robert Davis and his Acro Sport II, just to mention a few. In the Ultralight & Light-Sport Aircraft category the Light Plane – Gold Lindy was won by Joe Harrington and his beautiful Zenith CH750, and the Light Plane – Silver Lindy went to Brent Connelly, the pilot of Vans RV-12.

This year’s AirVenture was such an impressive event and below you can see the spectacular highlights.

What to expect next year

The AirVenture will keep the tradition and the 65th annual fly-in convention will start Monday, 24 July with a concert where the alt-rock band Barenaked Ladies will perform. It’s very important to mention that next year the Piper Club airplane celebrates 80 years and the U.S. Air Force 70. These two major anniversaries will be considered and celebrated accordingly.

Counting the increases of attendees and aircraft at the event each year, it is expected that more than 500 000 people to attend, with over 10 000 aircraft, superb air shows, rewarding prizes and an impressive display of aircraft like nowhere in the world.

Don’t hesitate to attend as a viewer or as a pilot. The AirVenture is a magnificent experience for everyone who is part of it. Everyone is welcome, flight and aircraft passionate and enthusiast people, families with children and friends.