Can You Gamble on Airports? – Do Airports Allow Gambling?

Gambling is something many people love doing in their spare time. When traveling, people would often look for their favorite activities abroad. Music lovers will seek out local musicians while gamblers will most likely seek out local casinos.

Some people like gambling in person, others have embraced technology and are practical about it, choosing to gamble using their phones. Those who prefer gambling in person often find themselves missing out on casino bonuses which are often offered with your first deposit. While you do need to comply with the terms of service to get access to the bonuses, you would need to do so, regardless, if you want to gamble.

Yet, those who prefer gambling in person and love traveling often ask whether gambling on airports is allowed. The answer is yes, and here are the most popular airports you can gamble on.

London Heathrow

In the UK, gambling is well-regulated, yet still something that’s not frowned upon. It is present in all parts of the country, therefore being a common sight. Bookmakers are everywhere and casinos are also present.

Heathrow airport is no exception, but it only has slots. If you want to play some slots and are passing through London’s biggest airport, incidentally, one of the biggest airports in Europe, definitely the busiest, you can definitely gamble.

Amsterdam Schiphol

Even though the UK is famous for its lax behavior towards gambling (not when it comes to regulations), the Netherlands is quite liberal, as well. It comes as no surprise, then, to find out that one of the best airports you can gamble on in Europe is none other than Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

This one, compared to Heathrow, has an entire casino, dedicated to the gamblers and rolling of the dice. Sure, you can also play slots if you’re in a hurry, but other than the generic spinning machines, you can engage in something a bit more exciting, like poker, or even roulette. Bingo is another one, which tends to be especially entertaining during the draws.

Reno-Tahoe Nevada

One might assume that Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is the biggest gambling airport out there, especially in Nevada, yet, they would be wrong. McCarran does have slot machines, from regular ones to high-stakes ones, you can definitely gamble. Yet, they only offer slot machines, even though over a thousand of them.

Reno-Tahoe also has slot machines, but, being a less busy place than the McCarran International Airport, you tend to play your slots at a much quieter and slower pace. Additionally, there is a restaurant at the airport, called the Brew’s Brothers, offering you meals and the opportunity to relax while waiting for your next flight.

These airports are some of the most entertaining ones you can visit as a gambler. Even if you are not prone to frequent gambling, but only occasionally visit bookies and casinos, you can easily shave off some minutes while waiting for your next flight, on these airports.

Always remember to gamble responsibly, even if you are just passing through.