7 Steps To Finding A Cheap Flight To Thailand

When we think of Thailand, we picture a perfectly emerald sea, romantic boat rides, untouched nature, and breathtaking architecture. What makes Thailand unique is the fact that almost anyone can find something to relax. Whether it’s the soothing ambiance of Koh Samui resorts or the variety of options at bet365 รหัสโบนัส, there will be something to help you unwind. 

However, getting there can be somewhat expensive. Especially if you are living far away from Thailand. But all is not lost! There are ways of finding cheaper tickets to Thailand, and here is how.

Either early or last-minute

When it comes to traveling to exotic, far-away locations, planning is everything. Therefore there are two options if you want to get cheaper tickets. You can either buy your ticket at least 6 weeks before your departure, or you can wait for last-minute deals. Sometimes airlines cut down the prices of tickets a few days before the departure if they have plenty of seats left. However, this option can be a bit risky, since you can’t be sure if there would be any available seats left, and you risk your entire vacation on that guess. 

Avoid summer

If you want the get the best price possible for your Thailand tickets then you should definitely avoid the summer season. The prices peak in mid-July, and your best option is spring, but also September. 

Tuesday is the day

According to some research, both the flight to and from Thailand are cheapest on Tuesdays. So make sure to check both the arrival and departure price on a Tuesday when booking your ticket, because it could make a significant difference. 

Bangkok as your landing destination

If you are choosing between landing at Bangkok or Phuket, make sure to go for option no 1.  Suvarnabhumi is the cheapest airport in Thailand, therefore it is worth checking out. Moreover, you can use the opportunity to visit the marvelous capital before the beginning of your seaside adventure.

Pay attention to social media

Start following several airlines on social media that offer tickets to Thailand. Airline companies use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to promote their special offers, so you might be in luck. 

Check out flight search engines

With the ever-growing need for cheaper flights, we have now the possibility of comparing ticket prices form different airlines. Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak, and Cheaptickets are just some of the flight search engines that can prove to be quite helpful. 

Set a an alert or subscribe

If you consider yourself a forgetful person, and you think that checking for lower prices every day isn’t something you are willing to do, then you should prepare your inbox for some promotional e-mails. The best way to stay up to date with all promotions and changes in prices is by setting an alert on your flight search engine or by subscribing for promotional offers with several airlines.